Rafiki Bra Trust

Rafiki Bra is a mix of Swedish and Swahili, meaning “A good friend”

A small
for us
A new life
for them.

We love and help the elderly in Kenya

We have witnessed first hand the livelihood of poverty-stricken families and the impact it mainly has on the elderly . These are families living on less than half a dollar a day, sometimes even for a week, catering to over five individuals.

Over and above being extremely poor and old, they suffer from various diseases brought about by their old age and poor living conditions.

Your help matters!

100 SEK

For 100 SEK..
..a mouth can be fed.

500 SEK

For 500 SEK..
..a hospital bill can be payed

1000 SEK

For 1000 SEK..
..a home can be found

Donate any other amount

Everything counts. We are thankful for every little coin we can gather for the elderly.

The trust

The trust stands for elevation of the less fortunate in Kenya with emphasis on the elderly. It’s aim is to assist them have access to basic needs as is every human being’s right. Rafiki Bra Trust is rooted in love, commitment and respect for the dignity of life through adding a smile and a spirit of hope.

Our projects

With your help!

Since 2018 we have donated money, food, clothes, shoes, paid hospital bills and other essential items to the elderly in Kenya (Kirinyaga county and hoping to spread to other counties in the country).

We are not done. There is still a lot to achieve.